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Whale Watching

By Fantasea  - October 2018

An amazing site to see.  Watch as these huge yet graceful creatures glide through the water.



Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for pods and breaching.  Breaching is when most of the whales body comes out of the water in a spectacular display.  It is seen as communcation between the whales, but scientists are unsure of exactly what they are communicating about, but it does looks like they are having so much fun and it is such a grand site for us to see.


This year, about 33,000 whales are expected to make the 5,000km migration north from the Antarctic to Queensland’s warm tropical waters.  This is one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal in the world.  We are lucky to be seeing such an  increase in whale numbers, which is wonderful because it means the whale population is increasing every year, and in abundant proportions.


It’s such an exciting time to go whale watching as you have the chance to see young calves & mothers swimming together.  What a great school holiday activity, and what a wonderful opportunity to get outside and learn more about what’s in your backyard.


Come along and experience an epic wildlife adventure close to home, but a world away.

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