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Starting a Veggie Patch

By Rachel French - October 2018

Feeding your family healthy, nutritious food has never been easier. All you need to do is start a vegetable patch.  Home grown foods are healthier than store bought, they have a much richer flavour, and, since you control the environment there’s no chemicals!



Potting around in the garden is a great way to exercise, and it has been proven to reduce stress.  Spending an afternoon in the garden has positive effects on both mental, and physical health.  You don’t need an entire garden either, a few pots in bright light on your patio or windowsill will do the trick too.


What’s more, it’s an easy way to get your kids involved in cooking!  By having them tend to the garden and grow their own food they are way more likely to actually eat their vegetables.  They (and you) will have a sense of pride over what they have grown, and you’ll know exactly where it came from.


Growing seasonal produce always ensures you have the freshest food available, and is a great way to try new flavours! The produce you grow will be more organic than anything in stores, you will be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods, and you’ll have more fun than just picking it off the shelves.


Vegetables not your thing? Plant a fruit tree or two.  Or you can just begin by growing your favourite herbs.  There’s no ‘one way’ to start a garden, just do what works for you, and your family’s needs.


You don’t even need a green thumb to start growing your own produce, just a passion for healthy and sustainable living.  Growing your own food is the gift that keeps on giving, for a fraction of the cost too.  Start small, don’t get overwhelmed or disheartened.  The juicy, rich flavours will all be worth it in the end.


There’s nowhere more local than your own garden!