Space To Talk


There’s a question floating around, “What did our lounge face before televisions?’ While the answer is most likely a mantel or fireplace, it raises some interesting questions about how we choose to arrange our homes.


Often our living rooms are centred around a giant television screen, there is nothing wrong with this of course but it does pose an interesting dilemma; rather than interacting with your family as a default, we default to  watching TV shows because of the arrangement of our furniture. So when arranging your lounge make sure that people can comfortably talk to one another without having to yell or crane. Couches and chairs should be arranged in a way that allows your family to be able to see each other, not just the television.


One of the best ways to ensure you connect with your family, is at the dining table. Don’t just set up a gorgeous table and then not use it because you favour watching television. Make dinner time a screen-free time to talk to your family about your day. It will lead to nothing but fond memories, funny stories and learning more about each other. It will be something that your family will carry on in future generations.


The same goes for the outdoor areas. Having a designated barbecue and dining area with completely transform gatherings. Some space around the barbecue allows friends and family to stand around and talk about how good it all smells and having a nice table for you all to sit and enjoy your food takes conversations with you. If space is an issue consider a bench style table that is reminiscent of a park picnic table and allows everyone to squish up next to each other.


Furniture arrangement doesn’t just have to work for the family household residents. There should be places for everyone to sit without having people stuck in a corner unable to socialise when guests are over too.


Furniture is more than just things to sit on, the way you arrange your house says a lot about how you interact with your family. Simply moving your furniture around can completely change the dynamic of your home and the ways in which you communicate.


So, don’t just point your couches at the television and be done with it. Really think about how your furniture sends a message about how you interact with your family. After all, good interior design is something people can never stop talking about.



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