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Slow Down This Christmas

By Sharon Turton - December 2018

With the ‘silly season’ just about here it is a time that is filled with just about every emotion you can imagine...



The excitement on little ones faces as they experience the wonder of Santa, the pleasure of basking through our long hot summer days, the joy of reconnecting with family and friends. Yet it’s not all roses as Christmas can also be a time of utter stress and frustration as you maneuver the queues, manage over-tired kids, see estranged family members and deal with the often endless tasks that parents have to somehow fit into the already full schedule.


Many parents tell me that they just don’t have time to be with their kids the way they want to or feel they should. And in the silly season it can feel even more difficult. However it is not the amount of time that you spend with your child that counts most, it is the quality of time that has the most profound effect.


As a single mum and full time therapist when my daughter was little I was often extremely time poor. The simple remedy that worked a treat was ‘quality moments’ with my little one. As I went about my tasks we would have random hugs and cuddles, which were unexpected and full of love. It sounds so simple, but the key is to slow down, breathe, and bring your full presence  to your child in those moments where they feel with absolute certainty that they are the centre of your world and they are loved and adored unconditionally.


It is your very presence that nourishes your child and nurtures them at the deepest of levels. It is a gift not only for your child but also for you because when you take a few big breaths and bring your full presence into the moment, your nervous system relaxes, your breath slows and your heart opens.