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Ruby Lane Leading the Way on Takeaway Coffee Cups

  - December 2018

Ruby Lane Cafe makes in roads on takeaway coffee cup issue



With takeaway packaging coming under the spot light in recent times with documentaries such as the War on Waste, the once shamed upon by hipster baristas use of cups like Frank Green and Keep Cups are becoming more and more common place and accepted and Incentives like discounts for bringing your own cup are getting more popular and consumers are catching on


Owner Phil Dawson says:

“Funnily enough we’ve actually had to reduce our discount, we used to have the biggest discount in Manly at 40c off when you bring your own cup, but since we’ve opened in 2016, the number of people who have started bringing their own cups for takeaways has risen 400%.  We are overwhelmed with the public’s response and it’s so great to see as it aligns perfectly with our core values”


With 1 million disposable cups being used around the globe every minute it’s clear that people living by the ocean can see the effect plastic pollution has on our lifestyle and the health of the oceans.


So in being more sustainable it’s more about thinking what you can use again instead of using new materials and supporting businesses that follow suit. Ruby Lane for example uses 100% compostable coffee cups and lids, has bottle and jar return discounts for their retail items along with previously being awarded Sustainable Business of the Year for their contribution to the community and in-house sustainable efforts.


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You can also check out that lists other businesses that do the same or ask your local café what they are doing to reduce their waste.