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Please Sir, I Want S'mores

By Kylie Castor - December 2018

“You can’t have a campfire without S’mores!” Dave Johnson announced. “Who wants to try one?” Finally, the Johnson’s were going to initiate us Aussies into the great American tradition of S’mores.



“First you take a cookie and stick a piece of chocolate on top,” Dave directed. “Then roast your marshmallow over the fire until it’s all gooey inside. Whack it on top of the chocolate, then smoosh it all together with another cookie. Let the marshmallow melt the chocolate, then chomp!”


Sitting around the campfire with our marshmallowy fingers and chocolatey lips, we all shared tales of home. Dave was enjoying the landscape so totally alien to the lush green forests of Oregon. Amber was missing the newborn calf awaiting her return to their dry Darwin property. Mia was blown away by the enormous sky, filled with constellations she’d never seen in California. And I vowed to take this new tradition of campfire tales and S’mores back home to NSW’s blue-green Mid North Coast.


Before the weather heats up and the fire brigade bans your potential new S’mores tradition, grab your family and friends and settle in for some campfire tales. Whether you’re under the vast open skies of the outback, or in a tiny inner city courtyard, look to the skies, tell tales of home, and enjoy connecting around a fire with some sickly sweet S’mores.