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Photos in a Digital Age

By Rachel French - December 2018

Gone are the days of photo albums of precious family photos stacked mile high on bookshelves. No more boxes of discarded photos because it was blurry, someone blinked, or moved as it was being taken; rather we just delete the bad ones instantly.



We no longer need to wait for photos to be developed to see how they turned out, the longest part of the photo process now is choosing the right filter.


There is undoubtably nothing wrong with the instantaneous nature of photography. It’s easier to get the perfect shot, and even easier to share it with our #family and #friends, but we are missing the simple pleasure of having memories around our homes. You don’t need to go to a professional photographer and get studio portraits done, but it’s always something the kids will look back on when they get older and appreciate.


Adding photos to your home can be as simple as printing a few for frames and placing them on a shelf or you can enlarge a family photo have it printed onto canvas.  Generic landscape photos are aplenty, and although gorgeous professional photos look amazing why not use your own, because printing out your own pictures from holidays and will remind you of the fun times.


Photo frames can be simple, or they can make a statement. Adding a few frames together on a wall to create an assortment of pictures arranged in a design to suit your space is an easy way to fill a blank wall. They can be used to instantly personalise a space and create  treasured memories on your wall makes for much easier viewing than having to scroll back through a digital device.