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Making Old Furniture New

By Rachel French - October 2018

While contemporary design is very “in” right now, stand out from the crowd by re-purposing old furniture into something beautiful.  Painting old wooden furniture white is an easy way to completely change the feel of a room, it’ll brighten the space up and give life to old pieces.



Simply sanding and staining an old piece of furniture, or even painting it, will give you a brand new addition to you home.  If you don’t already own the right pieces, spend some time browsing the local vintage shops or going to garage sales on the weekend, where you might just grab the perfect piece at a bargain price.  Get the unique feature piece you’ve been dreaming of, and a sense of pride at having created it yourself.


If you’re new to DIY and want something a little less challenging, just purchase some old knick knacks (like a vase or two), and use them as features around the house.  Alternatively, just stick a succulent in an old tea pot!  You can also hit up your local Salvos store and buy a new (old) end table, paint it as you wish, and add some stunning flowers in an old glass bottle to brighten up your hallway.  It’s really that easy!


Re-purposed furniture is the perfect way to encapsulate coastal vibes, and it’s so simple.  Doing a little DIY is an easy way to change the feel of your space, for a small price.  The best way to get one-of-a-kind pieces is to create them yourself.  The Internet is full of easy DIY tips and tricks, so get searching, and start making.


The combination of contemporary and old gives way to a fresh design that will make your creations the talking point of your next get together with friends.  Just make sure the paint is dry before you let everyone drool all over it, you don’t want to spoil the finish after all.