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Sharon Turton - Book Release

The Art of Taming Tantrums

By FLM - December 2018

Hot off the press our very own local Sharon Turton publishes her third book giving us a fabulous perspective how to address tantrums with a fresh and empowered approach.



Sharon’s latest book gives us a new perspective on parenting.  With a fresh, empowered approach to tantrums and emotional outbursts of all kinds. This user-friendly book is an easy and enjoyable read that gives parents real practices with achievable outcomes.


The Art of Taming Tantrums explores not just the tantrum itself, but also the emotional underbelly of the tantrum that drives the behaviour, causing angst and disconnection in family relationships. The Art of Taming Tantrums offers unique and effective tools to positively deal with things like toddler tantrums, tween and teen tantrums, and even delves into Parental tantrums.


After the success of Sharon’s previous two books ‘The Art of Peaceful Parenting’ and ‘Connecting Kids’, Sharon identified that there was a need for deeper exploration of how toxic emotions interfere with the bond between parents and their children and as an experienced parenting counsellor and facilitator Sharon went on to write her third book “The Art of Taming Tantrum”.


Dr. Bob Jacobs, internationally known child advocate with over 30 years experience working with children and families, Clinical Psychologist, Solicitor, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Founder and Director of The Parenting Centre in Queensland says that, “‘Sharon’s book is rich, warm and relatable for real-life parents. Reading her insights and personal experiences reminded me that it is way too easy to get dragged down by the judgements and pressures of ‘traditional’ parenting and lose our sense of joy and fun. Probably the most amazing thing human beings can do is create new human beings, and Sharon’s words remind us that honouring ourselves as parents, even on our worst days , helps us to celebrate our children and tap into the immense joy of being a parent.


Discover how to positively manage tantrum-causing emotions in your children and in yourself, and bring peace and harmony back into the home.



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