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Foster your Child's Potential

By Sharon Turton - November 2018

We are all are born like a blank canvas, ready for a masterpiece to be created. Children have an innate shining potential that is ready to flourish given the ingredients of love, care, belonging and safety.



Just as a seed can be affected by heavy rains, frosts and droughts that can block the potential from fully expressing itself, so can our children’s potential be affected by the challenging events of life. If not nourished it is never fully realised and we go through life with an ‘inner-child’ who never feels quite good enough!


There is no rule book for kids on how to deal with challenging situations such as bullying or peer pressure that are potentially damaging for young minds. Or how to cope with sibling rivalry, angry parents or a home or school atmosphere that can feel strained, anxious, depressed or stressed. The pressures of expectations from school, parents and society can weigh children down and this is without all the pressure many kids put on themselves. The end result of all this is often low self-worth, lack of confidence or shame leading to an inability to cope in this stressful and all too often competitive world, spiralling them into lifelong challenges with anxiety or depression.


What is a child to do with these ‘big bad feelings’ when we the parents, may be modelling exactly what the child is being reprimanded for. Impatience... Yelling... Inattention... Too much screen time... These big feelings then get projected out as communication breakdowns, behavioural issues and disconnection.


Nourish your child’s inner potential with these two essential elements.


  1. Release the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs in the child so they can reconnect with their inner greatness and shining light.
  2. Be the role model for your child, not just on an intellectual level where you teach them or lecture to them how to be, but to ‘BE’ that yourself and role model what you want your children to become.


Shining potential is still there under all the painful feelings that seem to be running the show, like a precious seed just waiting for the drought to break or the cyclone to pass. It’s never too late to nourish the inner potential and allow it to shine and blossom as the child’s life. The way you are with your child sets the foundations for the way they will relate to others, to their world and to themselves for the rest of their lives.


If life is too busy or stressful, get support to regroup and reconnect with yourself and your child. Find the modality that best works for you. In my personal experience as a parent and counsellor it is Journey work that taught me both of the above aspects on the deepest of levels. It is not just gaining knowledge from books or courses that makes you an aware parent. The question is how do you react when triggered? Do you have an over the top reaction or do you respond with empathy and firm healthy boundaries.


It is never too late to nourish the inner potential and allow it to shine and blossom.