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Banana Smoothie Cupcakes

By Kylie Archer - October 2018







When it comes to healthier eating, it’s all about the names and the way you present things.  So why name these banana yoghurt muffins when really they are banana smoothie cupcakes?  See what I did there...?  Cupcakes are so much more appealing than muffins, and a banana smoothie turned into a cupcake?  Well, that’s Mr. Wonka magic!



Using ripe bananas is not just to reduce waste, but because bananas become super sweet when they turn brown and spotty, and are even best for including in things like cupcakes.


Bananas are a healthy favourite.  They are also high in natural carbohydrates, vitamin B6 and potassium, and low GI, all things that we need to function well.  Who knew that such a humble fruit could be so awesome?

Now why are they called banana smoothie cupcakes?  Well our favourite part of banana smoothies is apparently the nutmeg, the kids love the flavour it gives. We also pop in some yoghurt and some cinnamon for good measure and let the vanilla paste add to the sweetness of the banana to create awesomeness.


These are great in the lunch box, freeze well and are delicious un-iced.  Try to use a good quality greek or natural yoghurt, or try making your own.


Wait until the kids see these in their lunch box, and you can enjoy these with your next cup of tea.