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Editor's Note

With all the busy end of year commitments I feel that I need to stop and reconnect.  Firstly with myself then with my family and friends. So I’m going to make a plan and try my best enjoy this last part of the year and see if I can step up to the challenge of making this busy time less stressful.


My plan so far; have a meeting with myself each week and look at what is on my calendar.  Then the tricky part to “realistically assess” if I can manage.  So prioritising is going to be really important. For example on my list I have, make cookies for when the kids friends come over to do Christmas craft. Hmm, OK I can buy some yummy cookies when I go the shops to get milk and bread.  Tick for Mum making her life easier.  See what I’m ding here...  If you would like to see more ideas then get online to see my “real life”, “make life” an “easier life”.


I’m looking forward to being more mentally available to my family and friends, because I won’t be thinking about baking those cookies!

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