Connecting To Thrive


In the world of modern parenting we often get lost in the things that we have to do to simply get through the day. Our world is all too often consumed by mundane tasks of getting everything done so we can finally relax.


Yes there is a lot to do, especially when kids are young. However if we are too consumed by responsibility we miss the most valuable and precious part of our Children.  Their childhood  requires our presence and our connection to fully flourish and grow into the person that we truly believe they can become.


Our children need to be acknowledged for who they are, for what they bring to your life and for just being themselves This is heart connection and it is by far the most important job that you will ever have as a parent.


This part is intangible, yet if we are not fully present, not really listening we cannot nurture, cherish or makes our children feel safe and loved.

When we connect with our children their soul lights up and they feel loved. It is not just about driving them around, cooking for them or reading to them. It’s not your words, or your hugs or your praise. It is much more profound.  It is bringing  the whole of you into the moments with your child. It is simply being together without the distractions of life and allowing moments to unfold without any judgements, agendas or expectations.


Let the mind stop and the heart open and allow what is happening right now to weave a cocoon of connection around you both. This is a magical space where time seems to stand still and space expands and nothing else matters except being with this person who is the centre of your world. As you relax into this space so will your child and you will both feel deeply nourished and loved.


True connection can transform you and your child’s world into a place of peace, joy and trust.


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