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Build Strength

By Isabel Lorenzi - October 2018

Building strength through both resistance and bodyweight training is a necessity to reduce injuries overall.  It also gets you closer to  achieving your strength goals, as it’s motivating and extremely fun.


Here’s three exercises that can be done without any equipment, and you can combine them into a circuit workout to absolutely hit all those ‘soft spots’, glutes, mid thighs and stomach.





No equipment, no weights, it will literally burn your legs after 5 reps.  If you want to make it harder add dumbells on each side, or a barbell on the back.  It perfects your posterior chain!




Only requires a soft surface and is great at toning shoulder muscles and abdominals.  It builds upper body strength, as well as a strong midline which is needed to clean the house, look after the kids and grab all the shopping!




This will make your hamstrings super strong and is great for cardiovascular endurance and keeping the heart healthy.


Not sure how to get a great workout from this? Well it’s simple, just grab your phone to use as a stop watch and perform a 16 minute AMRAP (fitness talk for - do as many rounds as possible of each exercise).  Then let me know how you go!