Budget Is Not

A Dirty Word

Part 1 - Change Your View


People tend to have a love-hate relationship with budgeting They really want to budget. Budgeting is a great idea. A solution to their problems. However they spend their whole time fighting their budget. This could mean justifying an extra outing, failing to save for that special thing, or forcing themselves to sacrifice something that means a lot to them.


Unfortunately, this means that the budget becomes a burden. Even worse it can get tossed into the too hard basket leaving the devastated budgeter declaring  that they are just not the budgeting type.


You hit this point of exasperation because you’re thinking about budgeting the wrong way. You see budgeting as something that controls and restricts you, when you need to see it as a tool to meet your life goals and values.


Imagine sitting at the bottom of a cliff. The big looming mound of earth towers over you. It casts a shadow over you that you can’t escape. If you look up, all you see is an insurmountable cliff face that you have no hope of climbing. This is what budgeting can feel like. Your budget tells you what you can spend money on and what you need to worry about. It restricts you and controls what you can and can’t do. No matter how hard you try you just can’t get on top of it.


Now imagine sitting on top of the cliff instead. Suddenly you have a totally new view. For starters you’re free from the cliff’s shadow. More importantly being on top of the cliff means you have the height and freedom to really view the world around you. When you see your budget from this view you realise it is just a tool that helps you understand your world so that you can reach your goals. You don’t need to conquer it or live in its shadow. Instead it gives you freedom and understanding. Now you’re back in control, deciding what you can and can’t do.


Budget is Not a Dirty Word

 Part 2 - Throw Away the What I Should Do Is...



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