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A-Ha Moments

By Kylie Castor - October 2018

The Power of the Playlist



The reds, greens and golds of Central Australia filled our windows as we barrelled down the Stuart Highway. In the front seat of the 4WD truck Joey, Laura and I were deep in conversation about the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges surrounding us. But when the familiar synthesized notes of A-Ha’s Take On Me Do-do-do-doed through the stereo, all conversation ground to a halt. Joey cranked up the volume and the three of us burst into song. Like all good 80’s music lovers, none of us knew the words, but we sang along anyway; our travelling companions in the back of the truck laughing at our competitive display of lung capacity.


Before your next family road trip, why not get everyone together to create a playlist that will become the sound track to your holiday. You’ll connect over everyone’s favourite songs and make memories together. And never underestimate the power of music to save lives - a car full of singers will keep any driver awake on those long drives!


A-Ha moments like these remind me of the power of music to create memories, connect us with each other, and elicit spontaneous outbursts of joy. Whenever I hear The Doors’ Light My Fire, Santana’s Black Magic Woman, or America’s Horse With No Name I’m flooded with memories of the annual family road trip to the NSW South Coast in the old Holden Kingswood. Thanks to my parents’ favourite mix tapes hearing those classic songs makes me reminisce about childhood summers, sunshine and swimming.